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White Marble Walking Lion Statues for Outdoor MOK1-065

White Marble Walking Lion Statues for Outdoor MOK1-065

How fitting it is to have a pair of lifelike and mighty marble lions at the door of your home. YouFine factory has a variety of marble lion statues for you to choose from.
Item Number: MOK1-065
Size: life size or customized size
Color: A-grade Natural Marble (other available colors)
Finished Time: 45 days
Usage: For Art/Collection/Garden/Plaza/yard
Packaging: Standard Export Package
Payment: 30% deposit,70%balance offer finished

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Marble Lion Statue Introduction:

This pair of white marble lion statues have a ferocious look. We could see that they all have big mouths showing sharp teeth. The lush hair further highlights his aura as the king of beasts. Putting such a statue at the door of the house could not only play a very good decorative role but also have the functions of telling safety and exorcising evil spirits. Moreover, placing such a statue at the door of the house could demonstrate the identity and status of the owner.


white marble lion statues-YouFine Sculpture


Realistic Image:

The white marble lion statues carved by the artisans of YouFine factory are often loved by customers for their realistic images. We have artisans who specialize in making marble lions. Every small part of the marble lions they carve is lifelike, almost to the point of being fake. Especially the lion’s eyes are so divine under the hand-carving of the artisan, just like a pair of eyes staring straight at you, which makes people awe-inspiring.


carving details show for the lion statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


More Lion Options:

The marble lion statues for sale in the YouFine factory come in many varieties and styles. For example, walking marble lion statues, squatting marble lion statues, flying lion marble statues, sleeping marble lion statues, etc. Of course, the style, size, color, material, etc. of these lion statues could be customized. With so many choices for you to choose from, we believe that you could the most satisfactory factory one.


marble lion statues-YouFine Sculpture


Factory Outlet:

The products of YouFine factory have always been factory-direct sales. Every year, countless products are shipped from YouFine factory to all over the world. Our customers are all over the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, and other countries and regions. Under the factory direct sales model, we could provide you with a factory price guarantee. Therefore, the statues you buy from our factory have a very good price/performance ratio.


lion statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture

factory outlet for the lion statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine welcomes friends from all over the world, if you are interested in this pair of lion statues, please feel free to contact us.


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