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Outdoor Bronze Mother Lion and Cubs Statue for Sale BOKK-252

Outdoor Bronze Mother Lion and Cubs Statue for Sale BOKK-252

This set of bronze mother Lion and cubs statue is very suitable for outdoor decoration. YouFine factory has very rich experience in producing bronze animal sculptures.
Item No: BOKK-252
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Material: Metal bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Lost Wax Process

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Bronze Mother Lion and Cubs Introduction

This bronze lion family sculpture vividly shows a warm and harmonious picture: a female lion sitting in it, surrounded by a group of lion cubs, who are either lying down, playing, or snuggling up to the female lion. The solemn and kind expression of the lioness conveys care and protection, while the lion cubs show playful and cute postures as if they are playing and learning with the lioness. The entire sculpture is lifelike, with each lion showing fine muscle lines and vivid expressions, showing a warm scene of family reunion and affection. This sculpture not only expresses the unity and harmony of the family but also shows the nobility and stability brought by the bronze material.

Bronze Mother Lion and Cubs Introduction

Suitable for Outdoor Family Entertainment

This bronze mother Lion and cubs statue is an ideal outdoor decoration, and its vivid and warm scene will add a unique charm to outdoor spaces. The cheerful interaction between the lioness and the cubs in the sculpture not only echoes the warmth of family in nature but also injects vitality and vitality into the outdoor environment. Placed in a courtyard, garden, or park, this sculpture will become an eye-catching focal point, drawing people to stop and admire it.

Suitable for Outdoor Family Entertainment

Especially for families, the parent-child bond conveyed by the sculpture will become a beautiful symbol that triggers family activities and conversations. The playful postures of the little lions are reminiscent of children playing outdoors, stimulating the desire of parents and children to participate in outdoor activities together. This not only adds color to the space but also finds a harmonious balance between the calmness of the sculpture and the joy of parent-child activities.

 Suitable for Outdoor Family Entertainment

Use the Traditional Lost Wax Method

At YouFine factory, each of our exquisite bronze animal statues is meticulously crafted through the ancient lost wax process, a method that ensures unparalleled quality and attention to detail. During this intricate process, we go above and beyond traditional methods by incorporating Silica sol, By utilizing Silica sol instead of traditional ammonia, we safeguard our bronze sculptures from developing unsightly white spots when exposed to rain or harsh weather conditions.

Traditional Lost Wax Method

The Best After-Sales Team

If you are interested in our large bronze mother Lion and cubs statue and have any questions, our service team will patiently provide you with detailed explanations. We also have a dedicated after-sales team to assist you in case of any installation or usage issues. If your goods are damaged during transportation, we will promptly address and resolve any after-sales problems. We have purchased insurance for every customer’s products to ensure that your interests are well protected.

making for the large bronze lion statue

More Options for Bronze Lion Sculpture

YouFine has always attached great importance to innovation, and we have always kept up with the trends of society. Therefore, we have a wide range of innovative bronze lion statues for you to choose from. YouFine’s team is ready to bring your vision to life with the same level of care and expertise.

More Options for Bronze Lion Sculpture

So if you have some requirements about the bronze lion statue, or want to custom make any bronze animal statues, please feel free to contact us!

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