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Large Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statues for Outdoor MOKK-989

Chinese Foo Dog Introduction:

This is a pair of imposing marble Chinese foo dog statues. Chinese foo dogs are divided into male and female. The male foo dog is stepping on the ball, and the female foo dog is on the other side. Such a Chinese foo dog is not only a symbol of power and status but also could play a very good role in warding off evil spirits. Therefore, people often place a pair of Chinese foo dog statues they bought at the gate.   marble foo dog statues-YouFine Sculpture  

Excellent Carving Artisans:

YouFine has specialized in marble Chinese foo dog statues for decades. Our factory has artisans who specialize in carving Chinese foo dogs. They only carve Chinese foo dogs. With superb carving skills and rich carving experience, all the carved Chinese foo dogs are lifelike and majestic. Every year, countless apprentices come from all over the country to learn carving from him.   Chinese foo dog statue-YouFine Sculpture  

High-Quality Guarantee:

The marble Chinese foo dog statue made by YouFine has good quality assurance. First of all, we use pure natural marble to make it. Pure natural marble has a certain flexibility and is very suitable for carving. Secondly, statues made of natural marble could not only have a beautiful and noble appearance but also have a long service life. Thirdly, each of our products is carefully carved by the artisans, and could fully withstand close checks.   natural materials for the marble foo dog statues-YouFine Sculpture  

Strong Packaging:

Because of the long-distance transportation, some customers may worry about the transportation of statues and other issues. We could assure you that we would use the tightest packaging. First of all, we would wrap several layers of thick soft foam on the surface of the statue to avoid scratches during transportation. Secondly, we would use a special wooden crate as the outer packaging of the statue. These wooden crates have withstood our decades of practice to provide excellent external protection.   packing for the foo dog statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture   YouFine welcomes friends from all over the world. If you want to buy our marble Chinese foo dog statues for sale, please feel free to contact us.