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Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statue for Front Porch Decor MOKK-960

Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statue for Front Porch Decor MOKK-960

These large marble Foo Dog Statues look very majestic,could be decorated indoors or outdoors. Especially decorating on the front porch would show unparalleled charm.
Item Number: MOKK-960
Size: 60 inches or as Your Request
Material: Natural Marble
Produce Time: 7-35 Days
Delivery time: 15-35 Days
Packing: Wooden Crate

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Chinese Foo Dog Statues Description 

These majestic marble Chinese Foo Dog sculptures make a powerful statement when placed at the entrance of a home. The lifelike carving of these Chinese lions is remarkable, with one paw firmly placed on a ball, and the other on a small lion cub. The head of the Chinese lion sculpture is slightly raised, mouth wide open, seemingly roaring with authority, exuding a sense of strength and dominance.

Chinese Foo Dog Statues Description  

The entire sculpture appears more vivid and three-dimensional. Additionally, the material used for these Chinese lion sculptures is marble, meticulously carved and polished to a smooth and delicate finish, conveying a sense of nobility. In every aspect, these sculptures command attention and evoke a regal atmosphere.

 Chinese Foo Dog Statues Description  

The Most Popular Front Porch Ornament

These Chinese lion sculptures are not just decorative pieces; they serve as cultural symbols representing China’s rich traditional culture and art. If you have an interest in Chinese culture or are looking to add some decorative elements to your doorstep, these Chinese lion sculptures are undoubtedly an excellent choice.

 The Most Popular Front Porch Ornament

Using Grade-A Marble Materials

Each marble lion statue artwork by YouFine is made of high-quality marble. Of course, our Chinese Outdoor Foo Dog Statues are no exception. YouFine has carefully selected the highest quality marble materials to carve this pair of marble statues. All stones are natural stones mined from mines without any flaws. We would carve this marble foo dog statue with the finest pure white marble raw material. So you could see the exquisite detail of our sculptures. So, a high-quality marble Chinese lion statue could be used outdoors for many years without any problems.

 Using High-Quality Marble Materials

 Different Foo Dog Statue Options

Our collection of Chinese Outdoor Foo Dog Statues offers customization in size to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select a marble base that complements your chosen Chinese lion statue. Should you require sizes beyond this range, we are fully equipped to accommodate your preferences. Moreover, YouFine boasts a diverse range of lion statue models spanning various styles, with ample stock availability ensuring swift delivery. Rest assured, there’s always a design that perfectly aligns with your unique taste and style.

Various Foo Dog Statue Options

YouFine would provide you with the highest quality statues with standards. Please contact us for detailed information and prices.

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