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Bronze Casting Standing Lion Statue Factory Supplier

Bronze Casting Standing Lion Statue Factory Supplier

This bronze-standing lion statue is a magnificent work of art that captures the ferocity and strength of the king of the jungle. Made of high-quality bronze, this statue features realistic and intricate details.
Item No: BOK1-449
Material: Bronze
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Service: Customize Acceptably
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Advantage 1: Factory Direct
Advantage 2: Cover All Insurance
Advantage 3: Door to Door Delivery

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This bronze-standing lion statue takes the form of a roaring ferocious lion with a blowing mane and outstretched claws. The attention to detail in the statue is truly impressive, with every fur and muscle on the lion’s body brought to life. The artist has truly captured the raw power and majesty of the lion in this piece.


standing lion statue-YouFine Sculpture


Use High-Quality Bronze Material:

The masters at YouFine factory use high-quality bronze material when casting this bronze lion statue. In order to make the statue hard enough, we also add metal materials such as zinc to the material. Therefore, the bronze statues we made are absolutely excellent, not only able to withstand the heavy snow in the cold winter, but also able to withstand the sun exposure in the scorching heat. Our bronze lion statues are capable of being passed down from generation to generation as long as you maintain them regularly.


high quality material for making bronze lion statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Where You Could Place It?

The bronze lion statue is a symbol of strength, courage, and power, therefore, it is often used as a symbol of leadership and authority. It’s a popular choice for government buildings, universities, and other institutions that want to convey a sense of strength and stability. It is also a popular choice among private collectors who appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship. Its imposing appearance makes it the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor or indoor space, be it a garden, museum, or corporate office.


bronze lion statues-YouFine Sculpture


Strong Packaging:

In order to make the statue arrive at your home safely, YouFine staff would use strict packaging. We pack the statues in special wooden crates. This kind of wooden crate is very strong and could play a good role in external protection. And we would wrap several layers of thick and soft cotton on the surface of the statue to prevent possible wear and tear of the statue during transportation. Therefore, you could rest assured about the packaging of this standing lion statue.


 packing for the bronze lion statues-YouFine Sculpture


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